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Brand: IMA

Product Code: code-6928

Weight: 0.04

Sinking, 99mm, 28g

IMA YOICHI 99 is a lure-type sinking pencil , with debut 31.03.2017. In the normal download is moving in the range of 10-60 cm. At stop quickly reaches the bottom, keeping the horizontally . YOICHI 99 is a compact, heavy wobblers with a distinctive silhouette, easily overcoming air resistance exceeding the vision of a distant flight. Specialist luring bass and, while surfing on the bottom of successfully attacking flatfish . The front of the YOICHI 99 resembles the shape of a cup, which generates a moderate resistance when pulling and transmits information on the movement and position of the lure to the hands of the angler.

YOICHI 99 is a complex complete weapons that played major roles in episodes that require distance .

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