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Brand: SMITH

Product Code: code-6504

Weight: 0.01

Heavy Sinking Minnow, 48mm, 4.1g

The SMITH AKM48 has a very compact body with aerodynamic shape, thanks to which, despite its small size and weight, it has excellent flying properties. The AKM48 is unique with its versatile game, depending on the pulling speed with even conduction.
In slow-motion there is slight fluctuation around its longitudinal axis, and as the speed increases, it increases its lateral shaking. In the AKM48 pauses it sinks, vibrating at a satisfactory frequency. In a fast speed, the AKM48 scrolls from one side to the other, shaking sideways at high frequency and flashing with its flat sides.
Low tungsten weights stabilize the wobble, instantly restoring its working position and act as a turbocharger for the initial casting speed.
The target fish of AKM48 are many - perch, trout, maple, white fish, pike, marine predators.

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