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DAIWA reel 16 BLAST 4000H

Brand: DAIWA

Product Code: code-2070

Weight: 0.70

Large spinning reel for offshore lures with improved durability and operability


Winding length(cm / handle 1 rotation)101cm
Gear Ratio: 
Max Drag: 
Line Capacity (PE Braid): 
2.5 - 300m / 3 - 250m
Ball Bearings: 
Roller Bearings: 

Handle length: 6.5cm

3500 / 3500HOptimal size for shore jigging, blackfin seabass, dolphin games, etc.
4000 / 4000HOptimal size for offshore games targeting dolphin fish, bonito, and medium-sized greenery.
4500 / 4500H / 5000H

A size development not found in the previous work,which was born to enjoy offshore jigging and casting games.


 " MAGSEALED " is an epoch-making structure that produces the same effect as the packing type waterproof structure without contact by using a magnetic liquid. In other words, it shuts out the ingress of seawater by creating a magnetic liquid wall in the gap between the body and the rotor. 


An air rotor with an epoch-making structure that can be called the "rotor revolution". The optimum rim structure improves rotor durability by distributing the load. As a result, the weight is reduced by about 15% at the same time with the same strength. By improving the rotor balance, it also contributes to further improvement of the rotation feel.

ATD (Automatic Drag System) 

A next-generation drag that starts smoothly and follows the pull of the fish and continues to work smoothly. Another feature of ATD for large spinning is that there is little power change in the drag setting value.

"The drag adjustment during fighting is reduced, and you can catch fish faster while preventing line breaks."

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