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HAPYSON YF-502 Luring Floodlight with High Brightness


Product Code: code-2341

Weight: 1.00

LED spotlight with high brightness Bring the target to the surface of the water! Perfect for night fishing! Brings fish to the surface to narrow down hit points. Option to switch back on 500nm blue-green light which attracts fish and light bulb color which expands the application. The angle can be adjusted according to the point and a border between light and dark can be created. Drop-proof structure (IPX4) that can be used even in the rain. Product specifications Battery used: AA battery x 4pcs. The light source: LED blue-green color

LED bulb color Operating temperature range: 0 to 40°C Battery Life: Blue-Green: Approx. 10 o'clock breaks light bulb color: approx. 10 hours straight Luminous flux: Blue-green color: about 150lm Bulb color: about 300lm Waterproof IPX4 Size: Width 125mm x Depth 130mm x Height 200mm Weight: Approximately 1.3 kg Included: special bag and Panasonic alkaline batteries

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