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Jackall APEED 2.7g


Product Code: code-1219

Weight: 0.01

Sinking, 2.7 g , 27.7 mm 

High appeal and high speed retrieve model that works on highly active fish immediately after release

"Apeed!" with a name that combines "appeal" and "speed". In early winding, it does not lose its balance and boasts a strong appealing power, and it shows its power to the fish in the highly active state immediately after release and in the morning. In addition, it has excellent long-distance casting characteristics, and it is also a feature that you can firmly target offshore fish in the big area. The spoon bites the water, allowing you to trace the target range for a long time, and the flicker effect also attracts fish from afar.

With 3 weights, it can be used properly depending on the water depth, area size, and fish speed.

Made in Japan!

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