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Product Code: code-2081

Weight: 0.03

Sinking, 10.8g, 60mm

Super Light Shore, better known as SLS, is a new method of fishing that targets targets in different fields and situations using relatively light lures from 5 to 20 g. The target is endless, from small bluefish to flatfish.

BIG BACKER FIT MINNOW 60's compact body and heavy weight specifications stabilize the fly position and achieve the highest class of fly distance for minnows of the same size. In addition, the design with a low center of gravity firmly grips the water even during high-speed reeling and invites you with a stable movement that does not jump out of the water surface. It responds well to fast movements and is particularly effective for Tsubasu, Shio, Bonito, Plating, Dolphinfish and more.
In addition, by applying paint to the weights, it became possible for the lure to shine like never before. Complex lighting and flickering effects prevent you from missing the catch.

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