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Jackall COSAJI 4.8g


Product Code: code-1213

Weight: 0.01

Sinking, 4.8g, 48mm

A magical teaspoon you can fish anyway

The answer I arrived at in order to shape the feelings of Tsutomu Kawashima, where I want more people to experience the joy and fun of catching fish, was the shape of a spoon, which is the origin of all lures. Produced by Tsutomu Kawashima, this "Kosaji" is effective not only for black bass but also for all fish eaters inhabiting freshwater such as bluegill, lotus, dace and nigii. Simply wrap it to create a fluttering or weak fish that anyone can easily use. As an application, one of the features is that it can be used for deep lifts and falls, and it can be used in various ways despite its simple shape. Even beginners, women, and children can use it easily, and I just want to catch one! It is an item that responds to the thought

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