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Jackall D-BILL SHAD 55MR


Product Code: code-1238

Weight: 0.02

Floating, 55 mm, 5.8g

Devil Shad is a floating lure that avoids obstacles, with excellent movement and incredible casting.

"Devil Shad" was born in recent years, with special attention to the shape of the lips, so you can approach an obstacle without the danger of hooking.

The "Dual Mag Center of Gravity Movement" system used in Devil Shad, which combines two different magnets, has both stable flight and excellent swimming balance.

Wide range of speeds for extraction from low to ultra high speed. The best match in different situations is the one in which you want to strive for a reaction bite in high-speed winding. With attention to detail and a highly balanced floating lure, Devil Shad will play an active role in all genres and catch almost all freshwater fish eaters.

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