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Product Code: code-2004

Weight: 0.02

Floating, 5.5g, 75mm

Lill Bill Wild 75F has a silhouette that mimics thin fish for bait and boasts a wide range of flexibility, regardless of the area of ​​action.

The overall length and volume have been increased compared to the original Lill Bill 70F. Achieves greater flight distance, attractive action and vibration.

Lill Bill Wild 75F maintains a stable flying position, thanks to the system of movement of the magnetic center of gravity.

The wide lip, common to the Lill Bill series, gives a sharp action and a moderate feeling of pulling. Detects even the smallest changes in the water. The wide shape of the lip creates an attractive action and at high speed only by winding.

Monitor minnow, which can be liked even in murky water.

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