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Product Code: code-1969

Weight: 0.00

Floating, 38mm, 2.7g

Hook size: #10

Quantity: 1 (+ spare body x 1)

The hybrid body, which is a combination of plastic and soft materials, softens the sound of landing on the water and prevents the scattering of fish.

In addition, even after landing, the sound of disturbances between the body and the hook is suppressed to invite the fish without creating a feeling of discomfort. Suitable for bait fishing.

Basically slow winding, drift makes the body sway even in light water flow and attracts.

Two-layer and three-dimensional coloring, which gives a feeling of life.

  • Includes a spare soft body. It can be replaced if it is damaged.

Equipped with a drainage hole in the rear end of the soft body. The water is released automatically by the centrifugal force during the casting.

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