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Product Code: code-1972

Weight: 0.02

Floating, 30mm, 1.6g

Prikkey remains stable in all situations and ways of extraction. The long beak, which is the most characteristic feature of Prikkey, grips the water tightly and shakes the small body from one side to the other. Especially with slow extraction, the effect of excellent swimming when shaking the body is unique.

The range in which the trout's reaction occurs changes instantly. You can control the range of the surface layer to a depth of about 1.2 m only by raising and lowering the position of the rod. The strong shaking of the Prikkey is accompanied by a stable linear movement, without a sharp dive. The small body with two hooks realizes a stable attachment.

Prikkey is equipped with a new model QR-hook (№10 front and №8 rear), which realizes the "top piercing".

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