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Jackall RASPATEEN TG 40g


Product Code: code-2083

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"RASPATEEN TG" is made of heavy tungsten metal with high density and has an ultra-compact silhouette. The feeling of throwing is stress-free and provides exceptional flight distance. Thanks to the advantages of the tungsten material, "RASPATEEN TG" sinks quickly and easily reaches the desired depth. "Exquisite body design" dramatically improves the performance of the bait. The "RASPATEEN TG" achieves a moderately slim shape while maintaining a small silhouette.

The lightning "cutting" of the water and the intensive change of behavior do not allow the fish to see the deception. You can use "RASPATEEN TG" from the shore and from a boat, especially in cases where you need a long flight distance. After the tests, the manufacturer specifies target fish, such as yellowtail, Spanish mackerel, bream, flounder, flathead, mackerel, bonito, horse mackerel, root fish and others.

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