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Jackall RISER BAIT 008


Product Code: code-1216

Weight: 0.04

Sinking, 21.7g, 80mm

Fly → Wind → Sudden rise

Its most distinctive feature is its innovative "Riser Lip". This is not a diving lip like a conventional flounder or herring, but a lip that plays the opposite role of raising a "heavy body" that produces an exceptional flight distance to the surface of the water. This is an element that allows you to capture the surface of the water - covers a great distance that cannot be reached with a surface lure of the same size.

The main target of the RISER BAIT 008 is sea bass from the shore and small and medium-sized migratory fish. From shallow bass games such as shallow rivers and tides, it is also effective on abundant bait such as grasshoppers and sardines.

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