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Product Code: code-1490

Weight: 1.50

Key device that connects TIMON and TROUT, stream model appeared

TS-S56UL-Short technical model that rhythmically captures in small rivers and mountain basins

Power: Ultra Light

Lenght: 5.6ft

Pcs: 2

Lure (g): 3-7g

Line (lb.): PE MAX 0.8

-Model with which you can easily fish in small rivers and mountain pools. You can enjoy delicate fishing that adds fine action, focusing on the optimal balance of casting and efficiency.

TS-S65L-Versatile model regardless of mainstream or mountain stream-

Power:  Ultra Light

Lenght: 6.5ft

Pcs: 2

Lure (g): 3-10g

Line (lb.): PE MAX 1.0

-The 6.5ft length setting is a versatile model that is useful in various mainstream and mountain stream applications. The T-CONNECTION series' unique lightweight, supple and elastic blank provides excellent castability. The ability to follow the agile movements of the trout is good, and even if it is large, it is a one that you can enjoy exchanges without giving initiative.

TS-S72ML-Mainstream compatible model

Power: Medium Light

Lenght: 7.2ft

Pcs: 2

Lure (g): 5-12g

Line (lb.): PE MAX 1.2

-A model that covers the main basin. The rod balance is finished to the utmost limit with an emphasis on ease of swinging and lightness.

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