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Jackall SOUL SHAD 52SP


Product Code: code-1252

Weight: 0.02

Suspend, 4.0g, 52 mm

From super high speed to low speed. A masterpiece with an exceptional balance that provokes an attack.

The more difficult it is to fish, for example during periods of low water temperature or high pressure, the more powerful SOUL SHAD will be.

The bait has excellent stability, does not lose balance during high-speed extraction and has a stable forward tilt.

Not only for high-speed extraction, but also for stopping and twitching in the middle layer. The magnetic center of gravity movement moves the tungsten balls in the tail during flight, at the beginning of the extraction by magnet fixes them firmly close to the front eye, thus stabilizing the bait with a low center of gravity.

SOUL SHAD captures water without disrupting its main action, which causes the predator to attack.

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