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Product Code: code-1522

Weight: 0.02

Immersion 0.7m , 92mm, 11.8g, Suspend

Sea wobbler MINNOW with rounded body. Soon after its launch bait turns very effective at catching sea bass. Preferably provided low center of gravity suppresses abrupt deviations and results focused, sagittal, but slow and idle movements in the water, which is especially liked by seabass. Hesitant braking causes cautious predators to bite.

The fixed filling which gives stability of lure is so designed and arranged that it provides targeted and stable flight of OYSTER MINNOW. This achieves long and accurate casts.

Wobblers OYSTER MINNOW has proven effective in shallow bays .

The main task that actually performs OYSTER MINNOW e tactical attract and capture the cautious predators .


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