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PALMS Alexandra AX-43FS 2.4g

Brand: PALMS

Product Code: code-2093

Weight: 0.00

Sinking, 43mm, 2.4g, Hook: # 10 (single)

The Alexandra AX-43FS (Flutter Sinking) is a remake of the debut model that was released in 2004 for the heyday of heavy sinking. As the water temperature rises, the attention of mountain river fish is concentrated near the surface of the water, and they often cunningly wait in this feeding alley. The slower and more agile FLUTTER sinking is effective upstream as well, and rod work is used to control the lure. The slow sinking speed is effective not only for turbulent streams, swamps and high pressure streams during the dry season, but also for attacking areas just below the water surface and shallow water. You can also enjoy the fun of distinguishing between the fast-sinking type and the easily controlled range of the AX-43FS, letting it dance naturally with the current, producing natural bites. The lip of the lure demonstrates power and good response, making it possible to make a strong performance.

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