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Product Code: code-1335

Weight: 0.03

Short assist for the rear, which is effective when inviting and killing large blue objects with a high pitch / combination jerk. It serves as a support hook for jigs with a large silhouette that has a high appeal, and is also effective in situations where you want to change the fall speed. The assist line is tightly wrapped around the jigging hook "Jigen Grippy" with a tube and tied, so the hook is completely protected from slipping out.

Special short assist hook for the use in the rear of long heavy-weighted jig, ideal use for the occasion such as high-pitch jerking. It is much effective when using large jig which attracts by its large silhouette. Using JH-40 --Jigen Grippy hook which is designed as round shank, it keeps the hole of hook to be pierced in the fish tightly and very hard to break even in long fight with the target.Available for the large target by means of PE assist line has tied up firmly in the ringed eye.

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