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VANFOOK JLT-46 long twin


Product Code: code-3281

Weight: 0.03

Long type twin assist that is easy to match with semi-long jigs. The hook uses "Jigen (JH-10)". By incorporating a fluoro core in the original PE line, the assist line is made firm and the hooks are not entangled with each other.

By combining with the Jigen Light Twin "JL-45" and the Jigen Short Twin "JST-44", it is possible to produce a wider variety of actions.

Long twin assist hooks for semi-long jig.

Using JH-10 – JIGEN as our standard hook with much strength & piercing, also there is fluoro core inside the PEline. Adding more variations in using with the different length of JL-45 or JST -44 as well.

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