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VARIVAS Aging Master Fluoro BlueMoon 150m


Product Code: code-1828

Weight: 0.10

A new choice called "Blue Moon" for Fluoro.
The bottom range is also captured with excellent wear resistance and high specific density characteristics!

"Line characteristics"
● Abrasion resistance: High
● Sensitivity: Good
● Specific gravity: 1.78 (well sinks)
● Knot strength: 80% to 90%
[Product features]
● Lines are easy to sink and are ideal for capturing middle and low layers!
● Less susceptible to wind!
● Can be used directly without the need for a reader!
● Adopts "Blue Moon Color" that is familiar with water and brings good luck.

Once in a Blue Moon an opportunity arises.
The angler, like a wolf under the Blue Moon, waits for opportunity.
VARIVAS AJING MASTER Blue Moon fluorocarbon fishing line.
Powerful. Stealthy. Won't let your prey escape.

Color: Blue Moon

Fluorocarbon SP-T NON

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