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VARIVAS GAME, I.G.F.A Nylon, 600m.


Product Code: code-2287

Weight: 0.10

This is a nylon fiber, which fully meets the requirements of IGFA stability. Thanks to the method VA-G has increased strength compared to past nylon and is thinner.

Color: Clear blue.


VA - G Production method that is based on molecular bonding with high density in order to obtain a sufficiently strong nylon. The result even nylon is a standard thickness, the resistance is greater.

SP - T fiber impregnated with resin (resin). Does not absorb water, resistant to friction.

平行 巻 - Parallel winding The precise parallel winding avoiding any twisting.

蛍 光 fluorescence color of the fiber, which is noticeable in all situations.

IGFA - International Association for sports fishing.

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