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VARIVAS High Grade PE X4 Flash Green 150M


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High grade PE X4 (flash green)

High strength and high durability with reliable high quality premium PE !!

A highly reliable standard model that uses the high quality premium PE that VARIVAS is proud of. The high-precision "breakability method" is used to twist four yarns to achieve the important "stable and high strength" in the PE line. In addition, VARIVAS's original technology, Super Fluorine Coating (SP-F) is applied to the surface, and it is a PE line of excellent quality that has excellent slipperiness, long flight distance, and high durability. It supports a variety of fishing from salt water to fresh water and demonstrates high performance.

- Premium Material: 30% lower stretchable 4 strand braids.

- High Integrity: reliable tournament PE due to break resistance procedure.

- SP-F Coating: proprietary Fluoride-based coating gained cast-ability & durability.

- Perfect Line Color: flash-green, suitable for saltwater and freshwater.

Color: Flash green

PE Premium PE SP-F

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