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VARIVAS Super Trout Advance Max Power PE S-spec 200M


Product Code: code-1396

Weight: 0.12

New technology (Smooth Shield) processing to create a different dimension of flight distance and durability forms a unique friction guard surface structure without impairing the suppleness of Max Power yarn. 

By preventing the penetration of water and providing an ultra-low friction effect, we have achieved further distance and durability. In addition, the line color and markings that combine high visibility and camouflage give trouts no caution, enabling a lure control approach as they wish. In addition, the easy understanding of the trace course supports angler-dominated games.
The open price makes it more affordable for heavy users, and anglers who have not used it yet should take this opportunity to experience the high potential of S-spec.

- Varivas’ MAX POWER: 1.5X stronger PE material offers perfectly round, ultra- smooth and supple mainline braid in thinner diameters.

- S-Spec : newer technology “Smooth Shield” process, to create suppler and almost non-friction line surface structure. Increased line protection, and farther casts.

- Camouflaged invisibility line color in stealth grey. Original marking system with white interval marking at 1m each.

Color: Champagne Gold + White (1m wide white + Champagne Gold repeated)

PE Max Power PE S-spec

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