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VARIVAS Super Trout Advance VEP 91m


Product Code: code-1834

Weight: 0.10

Varivas VEP is made of nylon, which exceeds by about 20 times the resistance of friction of existing fiber thanks to the method VEP . Has exceptional strength . Compared with a typical fiber diameter that is 7% thinner , and resistance to assembly with 10% more . The advantage of Varivas VEP Nylon is an excellent Visibility , which provides.


VEP Method to achieve Wear of nylon. Is achieved 20 times greater wear resistance than conventional nylon.

SP < strong> - F fiber with fluorine coating, does not absorb water , facilitates casting, high resistance to abrasion.

UV Special coating to protect from harmful sun rays.

平行 巻 - Parallel winding The precise parallel winding avoiding any twisting.

IGFA - International Association zasporten fishing.

Fiber description is accurate translation from Japanese Product VARIVAS !!!

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