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ANTEM (Angler z System) BUX 3.0g (3.0 cm)


Product Code: code-336

Weight: 0.01

Japanese Holocaust profits give ANTEM (Angler z System) at the head in its arsenal of rocking catch trout.

Long hesitant shine on ANTEM have been a secret weapon of athletes trout fishing in closed waters and provide them beat in many tournaments. Jogger ANTEM feature excellent flight characteristics and the ability to run on ultra-low speed . Thanks to their particular game they are leading baits for catching passive fish Long distance. ANTEM are designed for trout, but these conditions give excellent results in catching Maple , bass , whitefish and pike .

The color palette of the series BUX covers all the preferences of predators depending on the season, weather, daylight and water transparency . The great variety of colors of BUX is combined with irresistible oscillating shares, even at very slow download and collapse . This is swooning with the deep relief and is an emblem of ANTEM (

Made in Japan!



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