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LITTLE JACK Micro Adict Asymmetry 3g 30mm


Product Code: code-1416

Weight: 0.01

Sinking, 35mm, 3g

"Micro Addict Asymmetry" is a jig that is a size that is especially useful for swimming with asymmetrical body and does not give a sense of discomfort to fish. It doesn't matter what kind of fish you catch, the curved body that gives you a sense of life, the movement that is created by the asymmetrical shape, and the hook with tinsel that has outstanding appeal, as if you entice the fish using a real one. It moves a little irregularly at the time of a fall, and by moving it while adding a twitch, it appeals while flushing with a chill.

The unpredictable action and the glittering appearance are exactly small fish itself. 

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