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SMITH AR HD Minnow 58S

Brand: SMITH

Product Code: code-2097

Weight: 0.00

Sinking, 58mm, 7.7g

A combination lure that makes the mountain fish go crazy!

Amazing blade rotation performance that turns from the spot where it lands, which has been demonstrated by AR-S. Plus, the flat side minnow body with excellent flushing effect is fused at a high level. It has evolved into a trout lure with a high appeal effect.

One important factor is that the spinner section and sinking minnow are not fixedly connected, but a joint method is adopted. If the spinner section is fixed to the body, even if you add an action, you can only make a linear movement, but by joining it, you can easily realize a sharp left-right twitch action.

The lipless sinking minnow body, which does not have a downward dive vector, can be traced even in a fairly shallow range like a spinner.

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