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Brand: SMITH

Product Code: code-2521

Weight: 0.02

Heavy Sinking , 90mm, 15.7g

SMITH CHERRY BLOOD LL 90S is model 2014 yr., With fixed center of gravity . Another masterpiece of SMITH ! Due compact you, rounded shape relatively great weight that amount, fly long distance and precision . After & bdquo; soft & rdquo;, horizontally ditching , was continued with absolute horizontal subsidence and tempting flash . With CHERRY BLOOD LL 90S can explore all layers of water , including Demersal areas. The varied keeping quickly, slowly, stopping, pulling, etc. will open wide horizons effective in attracting a wide range of predators.

SMITH CHERRY BLOOD LL 90S is equipped with two triples OWNER ST-46 No.6 .

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