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Brand: SMITH

Product Code: code-1009

Weight: 0.01

AR-W PINTAIL is a soft silicone bait that invites with its silhouette. Created with the experience and achievements of Hiroyuki Motoyama.
AR-W PINTAIL is produced based on the concept that "the high yields of small baits are effective enough even for large purposes,"
The AR-W PINTAIL ribs put the water closer to the body a little deeper and add extra vibration to the V-shaped tail that animates the change in the silhouette.
The flat body (elliptical in cross-section) makes it easier to control movement and action of AR-W PINTAIL. It is possible to change the action and resistance of the bait, depending on the angle of the hook. AR-W PINTAIL is also effective for generating movements with reaction elements, including an image that moves lightly and carelessly.
The salt-scrub flavor of AR-W PINTAIL attracts strong laurel and other marine predators. You can install AR-W PINTAIL with Jig Head, Neko Rig, Jig Head Wacky, Down Shot and more.

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