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Brand: SMITH

Product Code: code-5274

Weight: 0.01

Sinking , 55mm, 6.0g

D-DIRECT and D-CONTACT are most titled sinking wobblers of SMITH. Element of D-DIRECT and D-CONTACT are river with fast flow . Sonic fluctuations D-DIRECT and D-CONTACT are specifically & bdquo; tuned & ldquo; for families trout and salmonidae. D-DIRECT and D-CONTACT are like all brothers and have the same concept ...

But !!! Thanks to the long blade D-DIRECT is much aggressive , extreme and virtuous . Wobbler D-DIRECT feels comfortable and River with quickly over , and calm waters of lakes and reservoirs paid. Fast sinking minnow, but the depth of the basin does not matter, everything depends on the dynamics of your conduct.

In short, sudden pulls with long pauses D-DIRECT targeted by torpedo seeks depths sufficiently narrow corridor < / strong>. This feature is indispensable for severe conditions, for example oblavyane deep portions between trunks and other obstacles. D-DIRECT seamless and lightning reaches the depths of the fastest currents. In ponds with sudden depths starting with D-DIRECT You can oblavyate bottom just to mestostoeneto her. In calm, even keeping in shallow waters or over underwater thresholds game lure has a strong swing and possible spurs to half a meter.

wobbler D-DIRECT is leading odryada & bdquo; Great hunters & ldquo; .

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