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Brand: SMITH

Product Code: code-7291

Weight: 0.01

Slow Sinking, 36mm, 2.5g, range 1m

GUNSHIP 36SS Neon is slowly sinking wobbler of SMITH , set to catch in shallow fresh and salt waters. The shape of & bdquo; burglar & ldquo; body resembles a small squid . GUNSHIP is a large eyeball as squid and combined with all the shape and proportions of the body creates a real sense of bait .

lockable tungsten burden is placed low, stabilize lure , react quickly to changes and recover instantly optimum position . Tungsten weight charged GUNSHIP with a high specific weight, which differs bait with long distance flight .

GUNSHIP has a bright presence in the water, making it suitable for use in conditions of low visibility , for example during the night.

Recommended slowly keeping and Stop in the middle of withdrawal.

built neon plate produces glossy reflected light and glitter of natural materials Shell. Use GUNSHIP NEON when you feel you need more attractive force .

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