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DECOY SV-30 Chinu Head

Brand: DECOY

Product Code: code-2056

Weight: 0.00

The power of Chinu's jaw is beyond imagination. With a normal rockfish jig head, it is often bitten at the moment of bite. "Chinu Head SV-30" is a jig head for Beichinu games with strength that is not crushed, a form that perfectly penetrates the hard jaw of Chinu, and sharpness. Not only the falling method with small tubes, but also various methods with a proven track record in various places are supported. And, the use of setting the bait mussel is also ant at all. # 2 is recommended for boat games, and # 4 is recommended for okappari games.


● High balance design pursuing the best falling balance.
● A strong sharp hook that perfectly penetrates a hard jaw without being bitten by a black sea bream.
● Hook shape that surely slides up to Chinu's lips and hooks up.
● Round head that matches all worms such as tubes and grabs.

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