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MARUKYU feeds EFG101


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EFG 101 Average sized particles, specifically designed for rapid release the fragrance . It can be used in combination with excellent pellet SDP. EFG 100 is ideal for direct feeding to method fishing and active paste / dough hook. Perfect for deep, high pressure water.

At a glance:

Medium-sized food particles performed by 12 Ingredients , saturated with marine protein and amino . Designed for extremely quick release of flavor . Ideal for Direct Submission and method fishing . 2: 1 mixture and after 5 minutes it is ready for use. Target species - carp, bream, lin, barbell . Nutritional value: High . Medium-sized particles make it Ideal for fishing deep reservoirs. solubility , decomposition average speed mixing 2: 1.

How to get the best from EFG 10 1 : Multi bait Direct Submission, feeder and dough hook. EFG 10 1 is very flexible - may be used as method mix , exploding bait , paste and is ideal for pressing on balls. Perfect when the fish "in motion." By mixing a 2: 1 disintegrated rapidly, and by adding a little more water decays slowly. The unique formula is created for medium and large size fish, especially for carp . Best results gives at water temperatures above 8 ° C, but also works at lower temperatures.

Remember: No need for mixing and screening 5 minutes, and the next portion is ready!

package is opening / closing type & bdquo; TIC TAC & rdquo; zip.

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