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MARUKYU feeds EFG140


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EFG 140 bait that looks different from almost all used before. Moreover, it works differently. EFG 140sadarzha incredible 57 main ingredients, saturated with animal and fish proteins including Tanishi (extract from aquatic snails) and Sanagi (extract from pupae of the silkworm).

At first glance : Fine food particles, saturated with ocean and marine proteins and amino acids, 57 basic ingredients. 3: 1 mixture of EXPLOSIVE MIX. 2: 1 mixture of slow disintegration or METHOD MIX. 1: 1 mixture of soft MIX PASTA. Target species - carp, bream, lin, barbell and F1 carp . Nutritional value LOW. Solubility, dissolution very slowly when mixed 2: 1.

How to get the best from EFG 14 0 : Testing has shown incredibly high yield even at low water temperatures. It's amazing bait with multiple applications. For rapid disintegration and normal feeder fishing 3: 1 mixture . EFG 140 works in all temperatures. No need to use a large amount and keep the fish active for hours. Perfect for directly pass , method fishing and active paste a hook.

package is opening / closing type & bdquo; TIC TAC & rdquo; zip .

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