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Product Code: code-6085

Weight: 0.04

FLOATING (~10cm), 190mm, 29g

SHIMANO EXSENCE COO 190F (Chief Operating Director) is a specialized bait directed just below the surface of the water. In this always bright area, the predator sees the bait, instantly recognizing it and going to eat. The slow, sloppy movement of the wobbler further stimulates the attack of the Sea Bass.
In the pursuit of true realism, the design of the hologram of the scales starts from the location that is on living sardines. The scaled hologram is self-developed, incorporating the necessary technology of SHIMANO. The result is a "feeling of life" in EXSENCE COO 190F, which is the result of the repeated study of fish reactions in a real war.
The installed "XAR-C" weight transfer system contributes to a reliable flight distance and stable swimming even at very slow retrieving. EXSENCE COO 190F takes up a horizontal position immediately after the flash down and rises quickly with the high buoyancy of the foam.
You can feel a "new world", open from the size and colorful color of the SHIMANO EXSENCE COO 190F.


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