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Brand: SMITH

Product Code: code-1002

Weight: 0.01

Heavy Sinking, 35mm, 4.2g

Bottom knock swimmer

One of the effective means when a predator is unresponsive to side invitations is bottom fishing style.
SMITH BTK-SWIMMER concentrates tungsten weights with high specific gravity at the front side, maintaining excellent swimming towards the tail.
With even winding, the bait moves directly above the bottom horizontally, shaking the tail slowly to the left and right.
When accelerating and pulling BTK-SWIMMER starts to swing left and right, in some situations, depending on the flow up and down. These are irresistible actions that trigger the predatory trout of the neutral trout.
SMITH BTK-SWIMMER can be used in deep water immediately after waterfalls, in normal, fast and very fast current and even in deep lakes.

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