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Brand: SMITH

Product Code: code-5300

Weight: 0.05

Sinking , 125mm, 37.0g, lipless, model 2017 . < / span>

Smith position DRAGON SARUNA as a typical tuichinkov wobbler for large predators .

The center of gravity system is positioned in the middle of the body, which makes the DRAGON SARUNA especially resistant large < strong> wave and strong movements . The balance is further supported by location of tungsten balls and streamlined shape of the body. Tungsten balls are positioned in the queue, which means great range .

Main when working with DRAGON SARUNA is aggressive conduct . Loud sounds of tungsten balls labeled & bdquo; food & ldquo; for predator in conditions of low visibility. Unlike traditional SARUNA, the body of the DRAGON SARUNA is covered with a special ABS resin , making the sound effect more intense and audible.

DRAGON SARUNA is large and heavy bait, but twitches of the body emit small tremor, which is particularly valuable in the catch in deep waters. < / span>


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