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Brand: SMITH

Product Code: code-7318

Weight: 0.02

Floating , 82mm, 7.6 g , 10 < / strong> 0-1 5 0 cm.

SMITH Cherry Blood MD82 is float, dalbokogazesht Minnow, excellent fighter with river streams . There is & bdquo; conveyor weight & rdquo; , which provides long-haul and varied stocks of movement. The excellent transfer of the magnetic weights, and aerodynamic shape of the rear part provide a perfect balance of the flight . For fast reaching the target depth, in The primary scooping water, MD82 is a floating posture slightly down. The working position is horizontal.

To have success with MD82 need to water evenly and quietly, possibly with slight pulls / twitching and long pauses. Not to force and change their game lure.

MD82 is an elite member of the series Cherry Blood of SMITH.

Pisces trout, pike, whitefish

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