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Brand: SMITH

Product Code: code-5266

Weight: 0.01

Sinking , 50mm, 4.7 g

D-CONTACT are most titled sinking wobblers of SMITH. Element of D-CONTACT are river with fast flow . Fast sinking minnow, but the depth of the basin does not matter, everything depends on the dynamics of your conduct. In fast water rare short pulls in quieter waters active tuich ... Sound fluctuations D-CONTACT are specifically & bdquo; tuned & ldquo; for families trout and salmonidae.

wobbler D-CONTACT AWABI were coated with natural pearl Obolon shells from Mexico. Nacre is selected, glued and processed manually using the intrinsic Japanese superior quality. Pearl surface is refined and perfectly mimics fish scales . When moving D-CONTACT AWABI creates the illusion of vibration , highly visible from a great distance. pearl effect increases the reflection of light and helps when fishing in muddy water and Twilight .

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