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VARIVAS Avani Casting PE8 SMP 300m


Product Code: code-2880

Weight: 0.15

Compared to existing PE-fibers, it has 200% higher wear resistance and toughness *. Overcome weaknesses of PE fibers. The fiber is made from braided strands 8 & bdquo; Super Max Power & rdquo;. The linear His strength is also two classes higher than standard *. Used color is gray, which is better than any camouflage gear. Thanks to mark on each 25 m , can be monitored distance in the water body. This fiber is technological marvel ! Strength , endurance ability easier and long haul all its parameters are excellent.

* The comparison is based on products of the same company.

SMP Fiber, which owns about 2 times greater resistance to wear than conventional PE fibers. Achieved exceptional strength and sustainability through the use of threads Maxi Power.

SP - F fiber with a fluorine coating does not absorb water, facilitates casting, high resistance to abrasion.

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