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SALT WATER VEP Nylon covers long distances, thanks to the VARIVAS patent-pending method for smoothing the line "Fluorine Processing" SP-F.
SALT WATER VEP Nylon has 20 times greater wear resistance than conventional monofilaments. This is achieved by the patented VEP manufacturing process, which involves improving the friction from the stage of manufacture of the nylon base. SALT WATER VEP Nylon is well protected from contact with hard objects, reefs and sharp teeth of target fish.
Parallel winding prevents crimping of the line and ensures stable quality.
It keeps its super softness even at very low temperatures and resists the effects of salt water.
Color sea blue, which supposedly makes the line slightly visible by the fish.


VEP  Method for achieving wear resistance of nylon. Twenty times more wear resistance is achieved than regular nylon.

SP-F  Fluorine-coated line, does not absorb water, facilitates casting, high friction resistance.

UV  Special coating to protect against harmful sun rays.

平行巻   ― Parallel winding. Precise parallel winding avoids any twisting.

IGFA - The International Fisheries Association.

Made in Japan!

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